Talent Resourcing – Made in Luxembourg

Keep your money where your operating system is, choose local partners!

Since 1984, the label « Made in Luxembourg” aims to establish the Luxembourg origin of products and services. As of today, we will be proud to display our Made in Luxembourg label simultaneously with our growing brand “Talent Resourcing”.  

It was an obvious choice for Talent Resourcing to start several weeks ago this labeling procedure.

What is the link to our activity?

As locally-rooted recruiters specialising in the Luxembourg financial centre, we see in this label the recognition of a good integration in the local community. The local financial industry is unique and requires specific skills that are almost not available elsewhere. Only an experienced local partner will be able to understand local cultural standards enough to nurture relationships with targeted professionals.

We are a Luxembourgish firm operating only in Luxembourg because this is the only market we know enough to offer the highest level of quality to our clients.


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