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Talent Resourcing is a recruitment agency specialised in the Luxembourg investment fund and banking industries.

We serve companies ranging from Management Companies (AIFMs & UCITS), to banking groups (private banking, asset servicing and corporate activities), non-regulated investment firms, and fund service providers.

From entry to « C-level » positions, on behalf of our clients, our day-to-day business consists in sourcing and advising the professionals that our clients are looking for :

Employers – What we offer you and how we work

Luxembourg’s financial center is dense and very specific. As an investment management or banking professional, you will be able to safeguard your reputation within this market only by choosing a local talent recruitment partner that follows a certain methodology by respecting local cultural standards such as professionalism, confidentiality, and quality.

Reputation is everything. So, only a skilled and convincing brand ambassador will be able to promote your company in such a highly competitive market where qualified profiles are rare and highly sought-after. We take care of a wide range of recruitment projects for investment firms and banks already present in Luxembourg as well as for companies planning to set-up offices in Luxembourg. Here are the 5 main reasons why our clients usually trust us :

As professionals evolving within the banking and fund industries, we speak the same language.
Indeed, we have an in-depth understanding of your activities and of the local market.
Two key preconditions for targeting the right candidates, in the most appropriate manner.
  • we are aware of regulatory framework and its impact ( general CSSF requirements and Circulars, Mifid, EMIR…)
  • we are aware of the challenges that your sector faces (regulatory constraints, the effects of margin pressure, shortages in skilled labor…)
We know our candidates and we know our clients.
We will never overwhelm you with applications that do not match your needs or with candidates résumés that we are not familiar with. Moreover, we will not sell positions to candidates if we do not understand the job description.
We strongly believe that in order to make the right match, the key to success is to establish real relationships with all parties involved and to understand their ins and outs. Furthermore, in order to guarantee the highest level of quality and efficiency, we limit the number of projects that we take care of simultaneously. This enables us to be fully dedicated to your projects and fill your vacancies with the best candidates as fast as possible.
The right profiles are sent over to you in just a couple of days once the project has been launched.
Your time is precious. Our level of reactivity is one of the highest, along with our determination to succeed. This is the result of years of experience assessing all types of situations and nurturing a broad network of candidates.
Moreover, we combine our accurate sourcing methodology with our matchless client-oriented mindset to provide top-notch service in order to become your favorite partner for your strategic recruitment projects.
We provide you with feedback, market figures, and advice throughout the recruitment process.
We are more than just a database of CVs. We provide you with the information and advice that matters: the number of professionals identified on the market, salary benchmarks, general recruitment strategies, the types of profiles available, updates on the market situation and competition, and the proper adequacy between your criteria and the current market…
Our services are adapted to your needs.
We are a Luxembourg-based recruitment agency. Our independence gives us a STRONG ability to adapt services from pure, traditional executive searchs to basic and non-exclusive recruitment services based on success fees.



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Candidates – What we offer you and how we work

TALENT RESOURCING strives to offer you an experience that goes above and beyond a basic and purposeless introduction of your application to a potential employer. We are not just a mere intermediary: we build relationships and act as career agents from the beginning of the recruitment process. We share advice and information that matters. We provide service that makes a difference in this niche and interconnected market where reputation is everything.

As an investment management or banking professional, you have knowingly developed a specific set of skills. This is something in which you have been investing for years, and this skill-set should be managed carefully, as should be your choice when it comes to entrust a recruitment agency with your résumé.

Here are the 5 main reasons why we are ideally placed to promote your application to employers:

We know that dealing with details pertaining to your personal career is a highly sensitive subject which has to be taken seriously. Confidentiality is one of our core values and all our processes are GDPR compliant.
Thanks to our expertise in the banking and investment fund industry, we protect your résumé as well as your reputation on the market, by selecting the right opportunity and right employer contacting you only if it’s relevant. Therefore, we guarantee you that you will speak with a recruiter who understands your activity and your sector.
We will only approach you for existing job opportunities and on behalf of companies that we are REALLY in touch with.
We build real relationships with our clients. We are well-informed on the company and the job opportunity we approach you with.
We support you at every step of the recruitment process to maximize your potential and employability : from the layout/content of your résumé to negotiating the offer, including the interview brief and debrief. You are more than a résumé, you are a long-term partner.

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